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Our Services

Licensed Residential Supports are provided in OAHC’s multiple residential homes in Western Pennsylvania. Each house is staffed 24 hours a day, licensed by the state, and features every comfort you can imagine. This service is built on the principle that every participant has the capacity to engage in lifelong learning. While living at an OAHC residence, individuals will acquire, maintain, or improve skills necessary to live in the community, to live more independently, and to participate meaningfully in community life.
In-Home & Community Supports enable an individual to live more successfully in the home and community in which they reside. OAHC will help clients acquire, maintain, and improve self-help, domestic, and personal interaction skills. Through in-home and community supports, care recipients can live more independently and be more productive and participatory in community life.
Companion Service is provided to individuals who live in private homes and require supervision or assistance to remain healthy and safe. OAHC’s staff will protect the welfare of each companion service recipient and assist with activities of daily living as they arise.
Respite Service is used to supervise and support participants living in private homes on a short-term basis for planned or emergency situations. In addition to providing the client with stellar care, one of the main goals of respite is to give the person who normally provides care a period of relief. Just like life, respite can be scheduled or in response to an emergency.
Chore Service consists of assistance needed to maintain an individual’s home in a clean, sanitary, and safe condition. To do this, staff helps with heavy household activities such as washing floors, windows, and walls; tacking down loose rugs and tiles; moving heavy items of furniture in order to provide safe access and egress; ice, snow, and/or leaf removal; and yard maintenance.